Learn Spanish

It is our on-going passion at the Spanish Centre to share our love for the Spanish language and we have been doing this for over 26 years! 
With the best Spanish teachers from all over the world our Spanish programs are effective, dynamic and fun!
For your convenience all these Spanish courses and programs are offered both In-House or Online

Spanish Programs offered by the Spanish Centre
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 Spanish Group Programs
Working in small group classes, teacher-student interactions are as productive as they are fun.   
We can accommodate all levels, lifestyles, and schedules by offering our in-house and online courses during mornings, evenings, and Saturdays. You can choose to take courses either once or twice per week.

 Spanish Private Instruction 

With the best Spanish instructors all to yourself, you can study as intensively and book your sessions as frequently as suits you — day or evening.
Private or semi-private instruction is particularly recommended for those with unpredictable schedules or who travel frequently.

BotonsTaller Spanish for Business 
Proper language training for you and your staff, through the Spanish Centre, can help extend your reach into markets and distinguish your organization apart from your competitors. Our instructors will work with you as intensively as you wish to ensure your staff is prepared whether they need to engage in casual conversation or serious negotiations.

BottonsTaller Spanish Workshops
At the Spanish Centre we are constantly exploring ways to enhance your learning experience. Our workshops and seminars address common problems or issues that students are facing when learning Spanish. Effective and engaging these programs set us apart from any other Spanish schools.

BotonsPractice Spanish Practice
Charlemos, leamos and Club the lecture are free programs offered to students currently enrolled in courses. 
Dramatically increase the value of your Spanish classes, expanding your vocabulary, improving your speaking skills while meeting new friends!